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Making Good Use of Real Estate Services

A house is one of the most expensive and complex pieces of property a person can buy, and a new home buyer may feel a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by all this. Fortunately, there are plenty of working professionals who can help a home buyer, and besides, even experienced, older adults may need some assistance […]

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Looking for a Walkable Neighborhood? Contact a Local Real Estate Agent for Recent Listings

If you’re planning to purchase a house, it makes sense to work closely with a real estate agent. A survey showed that 78% of recent home buyers believed their real estate agent provided them with useful information. Since real estate agents have the most up-to-date listings, it can save you time and effort. Furthermore, when […]

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The Benefits of Buying a Home in Foreclosure

The Great Recession between 2007-2009 resulted in a number of hard economic and financial hits, including thousands of lay offs and a record amount of foreclosures; 2.8 million to be exact. Real estate values plummeted, leaving countless real estate agents to seek work elsewhere. However, not all is lost. Nearly six years later, American consumers […]

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Realtor for Your Home Search

A home is the most valuable asset most people will ever have — in fact, three out of four people who own a home say it’s their biggest source of wealth. That means it’s worth picking the right home. But often, finding the best house for you requires finding the best Realtor, especially since there […]

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