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Are You Struggling With Abdominal Pain Or Chest Pain? Visit Your 24 Hour Emergency Care For A Low Cost

Your healthcare shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing scenario. Sometimes you have minor issues that still need quick treatment…and that’s okay. Life is full of little aches and pains that need addressing. You might have a day at work that cuts short because of a terrible migraine that won’t go away. One night might have you randomly […]

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Is the 24 hour walk in clinic the best place to go in a pinch when you aren’t feeling well

For medical emergencies your options have gotten a whole lot wider over the past decade. With the addition of 24 hour walk in clinic locations there are more places to visit if a state of emergency arises for you and your family. Between the years 2016 and 2017, there was an astounding increase of over […]

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