Is the 24 hour walk in clinic the best place to go in a pinch when you aren’t feeling well


For medical emergencies your options have gotten a whole lot wider over the past decade. With the addition of 24 hour walk in clinic locations there are more places to visit if a state of emergency arises for you and your family. Between the years 2016 and 2017, there was an astounding increase of over 1000 urgent care centers that popped up within the United States. As the time continues to pass these numbers have found themselves only growing more than that. The best part is that of the crowds that find themselves heading off to an immediate care center, it is only 3% of those cases that are ever turned out and sent to the emergency room to seek more specialized and deeper treatment. If you and your family are ever in need of figuring out what to go to a 24hour walk in clinic for, then perhaps you need to take a look at our list below to help you decipher if the 24 hour walk in clinic near you is the right place to take your medical emergency.

Chest pain

While some chest pains are best suited for the emergency room where the hospital has all of the equipment that could be needed there are many forms of chest pain that the 24 hour walk in clinic would best suit you. If you are not showing signs of a heart attack and think that the pain could potentially be less serious than a walk in clinic could be the right place to treat you today. Most walk in clinics are even equipped for the most dyer of situations and can quickly have you and your family on the way to the emergency room if the need comes down to it. Use your best judgment when figuring out where you and your loved ones should be seen in the cases of chest pain.

Itchy eyes

Do you suspect that perhaps you might have an eye infection? Do you worry that the emergency room will only give you more medical problems to worry about if you decide to go there to be treated? By going to the walk in you reduce your wait time to see a doctor. Most urgent care walk in clinics have a wait time of only between fifteen minuets to a half an hour. For those who spend hours a day waiting in a germ infested emergency room waiting room these walk in clinics could save you the exposure to many other illnesses that show up within these waiting rooms. If you suffer from itchy eyes that you think might be a contagious infection than a trip to a 24 hour walk in clinic might just be the best place for you.

Flu treatment

Fever, chills, nausea… the flu can be a nightmare to deal with. It doesn’t help that many of these symptoms make the person who is ill too afraid to eat anything to get themselves on the mend. Thankfully, most 24 hour walk in clinics have the means to provide intervenes fluids to their patients. Getting the sick person rehydrated and on their feet again are the best options to kicking the flu. A 24 hour walk in clinic with a limited wait time could have you back on your feet and ready to go in no time. Instead of waiting in the long crowded waiting room head to a walk in clinic to feel better faster.

While many believe that the wait at the emergency room is worth it, the walk in clinic can provide you with the same treatment sometimes in double than less the time you would have had to stay in the waiting room at your local emergency room. Next time, before you consider any of your other options head to the 24 hour walk in clinic to be checked out. Making sure you feel better and are back on your feet is the number one goal.

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