Amish pavilions

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Traditional Designs Make Amish Furniture Attractive and Sturdy

Fine crafted wooden furniture, for indoor or outdoor use, has a special look that is instantly recognizable. Craftsmanship and tradition can be seen in the well balanced design, joins and proportions. Amish built sheds and furniture are not only pleasant to look at, they are also sturdy and functional and will last for years. Amish […]

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Amish pavilions Garage Garden shed design

Create a Beautiful Entryway with a Traditional Amish Pergola

When you landscape your backyard, you also want to create an inviting outdoor living space. One feature that you can add is a traditional Amish pergola. These custom-made pergolas can provide shade and define a walkway. They can also have fragrant, flowering vines trained to grow up the pillars and over the lattice roof. All […]

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