11 Secrets to Having a Cool Reception at Your Wedding


Planning your wedding should be exciting and memorable, especially when you are planning a gathering with all your family and loved ones. If you’re planning your own wedding alone and you want to have a cool reception, there are a few tips to keep in mind throughout your journey. Anytime you are thinking of planning a cool reception for your big day, you will want to compare all your options ahead of time.

1. Establish a Vision Ahead of Time

When you want to plan a cool reception, you will first need to establish a vision for your big day ahead of time. From hosting your reception outdoors to comparing intimate wedding venues, knowing how you want your wedding to look and feel to your guests is essential before getting started. When you have a vision for your wedding ceremony and the type of reception that is just right for your guest list, you can then begin seeking out amenities and features that will bring your party to life.

2. Find the Perfect Venue Location

When you intend to plan a cool reception, you will first need to find the perfect venue location for both your ceremony and the following reception party. From researching local venues to comparing wedding tent rental options near you, there are many different ways to host a reception depending on your budget, location, and the time of year you are planning to get married. When researching venues, be sure to take the time to compare previous client testimonials and photos to ensure the location is perfect for you.

Tips on Finding the Best Venue Location for a Wedding Reception

Choosing the right venue for a wedding reception can feel overwhelming if you’ve never booked a hall or a location in the past for an event. However, the first step you will need to take includes setting a budget for the location you will be reserving and renting after your ceremony. Having a budget in place will prevent you from comparing locations that are out-of-range or too costly.

When you are planning a wedding reception, it’s important to consider the number of guests you will likely be entertaining, based on the responses you received from wedding invitations you have sent out to your guests. Estimating the number of guests you will be hosting will help find a wedding reception location that is not only affordable but also suitable in terms of available space. Once you begin comparing wedding venue locations and locations for your reception, it’s also imperative to consider the type of features and amenities that are most important to you and your soon-to-be new spouse.

If you are planning to have your guests eat during your reception, you will need to find a venue location that is appropriate for food serving or for hosting a caterer, depending on your plans. You should also consider whether the location is suitable for a live band, DJ, or even a bartending service if you are hosting an event with an open or paid bar. Taking your time and comparing location options ahead of time will ensure you make the right decision once you are ready to finalize a reservation and make a deposit.

Researching and comparing venue locations for your wedding reception can be done by working with a local professional as well as by conducting the research on your own, online. Searching online for wedding reception venues is a way to compare photos, amenities, locations, features, and reviews before booking a reservation or contacting the agent who currently represents the property. When you are searching online for a venue location for your wedding reception, keep in mind that reading reviews and testimonials will provide you with the best overall insight into the current condition of your preferred location and whether it’s suitable for a wedding or a reception.

3. Shop Around

Whether you are looking for a dress at a nearby bridal shop or if you’re seeking decor for your wedding, such as a custom neon sign, it’s important to research different providers and retailers before making your purchases, both online and off. Shopping around and comparing online, and local retailers will help you find decor, seating, and other features you intend to implement into your reception at a lower cost. When you are shopping around online, you can do so by reading reviews of brands and by ensuring their online presence is overall positive in nature.

4. Choose a Unique Catering Option

When it comes to hosting a cool reception, you will need to consider the type of catering you will be providing to your guests. Party catering services are ideal for weddings, especially if you cannot prepare food for the number of guests you have invited or if you want to spend more time mingling with your guests through the evening. If you intend to cater during your reception, consider the cuisine that is most likely to appeal to those you are inviting. You can also consider opting for custom dishes, depending on the caterer or company you intend to work with during your big event.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Caterer

Hiring a professional caterer is highly recommended during a wedding reception, especially if you want to streamline the process of serving food that is hot and delicious. Professional caterers who specialize in attending weddings are well-versed and experienced in cooking for large groups of people, even in the hundreds and thousands. Additionally, caterers pride themselves on quality and reliability, which will allow you to enjoy the food prepared for you and your guests without needing to concern yourself with quality control throughout the evening.

5. Select a Personal Color Scheme and Theme

If you are thinking of researching a table and chair rental service or if you’re purchasing the decor you need for your reception yourself, you should first consider choosing a personal color scheme or theme before you begin shopping around. Choosing a color scheme for your wedding will not only help you find the ideal decor but also the type of materials that work best with your furnishings and amenities. When you have a theme or color scheme set in place, it’s also much easier to find flowers and the items you need for your reception without wasting time.

6. Use Custom Party Favors

Making your wedding reception stand out is possible by getting a bit creative, especially by providing party favors. One way to host a reception that your guests will not soon forget is to invest in custom cowboy hats or even local custom t shirt printing services before your big day. Custom party favors help to personalize the wedding-going experience, making it a more positive and enjoyable time for those who choose to attend. Using custom party favors will also keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout your reception from beginning to end.

7. Allow Music Requests

If you’re someone who wants to host a cool reception while being as relaxed as possible throughout the evening, you can do so by allowing your guests to make music requests. While some wedding planners create specific music playlists that must be abided by, depending on the DJ or band who is hired, it’s possible to allow requests when you are working with the right professional. If you intend to allow your guests to make music requests during your reception, it’s important to clarify this when you are ready to make a decision on who to hire to manage the music for the biggest day and event of your life.

Benefits of Allowing Music Requests

Allowing your guests to submit music requests will keep them engaged and excited to participate in dances, competitions, or just mingle with one another. Music requests can also help you to mix up the music a bit, providing unique genres to listen to, depending on the type of requests that are submitted to your DJ or preferred band. Allowing music requests can arguably make any wedding or reception more fun, as it allows all those who are attending to participate.

8. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a cool reception would not be complete without unique party favors. Another way you can help your reception stand out while being as memorable as possible is by hosting a contest or giveaway. Hosting a contest or giveaway during your own reception will excite your guests while making your wedding much more entertaining and engaging for those who choose to participate with you. When you are thinking of hosting a contest or giveaway, consider the types of games that will be played, questions that will be asked, and prizes that will be offered to those who participate and win.

Advantages of Hosting a Contest or Giveaway During Your Reception

Hosting a contest is a great way to get your guests engaged with live music, dance-offs, and even karaoke competitions. If you want your wedding reception to stand out, you can get a bit creative to determine which activities are just right for your guests. Hosting a contest or giveaways also provides a unique opportunity to make new memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

9. Incorporate a Live Interactive Slideshow

One way to create a reception that is unique is to incorporate a live slideshow with updates in real-time. Sharing photos and even recorded videos with the guests of your reception will keep them excited to stay at your party while making the event much more engaging and enjoyable. A live interactive slideshow is the perfect opportunity to showcase photos of friends and family members as well as you and your new spouse as a married couple.

Using a live interactive slideshow is also a way to tell those who are attending your wedding a bit more about how you and your partner met. Sharing your love story through past photos and videos is a great way to keep your guests excited and engaged. You can also use a live interactive slideshow to bring your loved ones together by sharing group photos and memories from the past.

10. Send Thank You Notes

Even after your wedding reception is over for the evening, you will likely want to take some time to follow up with guests who attended. Sending thank you notes is traditional and customary and will show your gratitude for those who have come to your wedding. Sending thank-you notes will also help guests feel appreciated and thanked, which may contribute to their overall positive memory of your ceremony and reception.

11. Upload and Share Photos of Your Wedding Reception Online

Regardless of the wedding venues you choose to host your ceremony and reception, after your cool reception, you can upload and share your photos with all your wedding guests. Uploading and sharing the photos that were captured during your reception and the ceremony itself is a way to allow those who attended to bask in the new memories they have made with you and all your friends and loved ones. Uploading and sharing photos of your wedding reception online will also streamline the process of informing those who have attended of new photos that are available from your wedding and the reception.

Benefits of Uploading and Sharing Wedding Photos Online

Using a platform to upload and share wedding photos is a great way to facilitate the process of sharing the memories of your special day. When you are using an all-inclusive platform or service to upload and share photos, you can also do so from just about any location, saving you time and eliminating the hassles. Using a photo platform for hosting wedding photos is best, as the services are designed for wedding events, such as ceremonies as well as reception after-parties and gatherings.

Hosting a cool reception after your wedding ceremony is a way to make your big day one that most will never forget. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or if you want to create an engaging cool reception, there are many ways to go about doing so on just about any budget today. With the right vision and resources, you can create the reception and wedding of your dreams, even when you are planning it all on your own.

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