Why Scan Your Old Photos?


Image scanning is one of the more popular services I provide. It’s crucial in photo restoration to capture a digital image of the original. Once the photo is scanned, it can then be restored and printed and/or saved as a computer file. The original image is not altered in any way during scanning.

Slide Scanning

Scanning your 35mm slides is also a way to preserve your images. Over time, slides degrade in various ways. They may lose color or they may change color. They can develop spots, lines or splotches. Most of these problems can be corrected with restoration.

Also, scanning your old slides leads to increased enjoyment of your images because they can now be viewed conveniently. Typically, they sit in boxes until someone has the time and energy to dig out the projector and screen and load the trays (not to mention that one needs a darkened room!). Slides are definitely not a format designed for easy viewing. Scanned slides can be viewed almost anywhere and at any time. They can be printed to display or to arrange in albums. They can be transferred to a computer to be viewed or used as a screensaver, or put in a digital frame for a great gift. If you have Rochester Photo Restoration scan your slides, they can easily be shared with others electronically or by making prints.

Photo Organization

Finally, if organization is your goal, as you can see by the above before/after pictures, scanning your pictures and slides is the most efficient way to accomplish this. That whole before pile can be put on CDs or the one-inch SD card in the after picture. The pictures can be named using the date they were taken and the subject matter so individual pictures or events are easy to find. If the organization seems daunting, I can work with you in person from beginning to end.

My personal project at the moment is a collection of old family photos that I have gotten from many of my relatives. I’m scanning, correcting, and digitizing the images so this Christmas everyone will have a complete collection showing all branches of our family history.

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