Why Giving To Charity Matters


If you’re looking to give back, consider a charitable donation. Charitable donations, after all, can be given, at least in some way, by just about every person out there. Even if you do not have the money to spare, something like American Red Cross clothing donations can go a long way towards helping to make the world a better place. As a matter of fact, American Red Cross donations in general, even apart from American Red Cross clothing donations, can make a world of difference, so to speak.

But why the American Red Cross? After all, from green charities to charities specializing in the aid of wounded veterans and geared towards helping military families, there are many charities out there that are worthy of your donations. For many people, however, the American Red Cross is the ideal charity to donate to, such as in the form of making the choice to donate clothes to Red Cross charity centers in the area. After all, the American Red Cross provides a vast array of services all throughout the country. Not only do they provide clothing to those who are in need, but they provide everything from shelter to blood to food to even blankets. And when you consider the fact that they are open each and every day of the year and each and every hour of the day, it is clear that clothes donations and other such donations to the typical Red Cross location will go a long way.

Donating your old clothing to the American Red Cross is also ideal from an environmental perspective as well. For one thing, the average person here in the United States simply has more than enough clothing to be getting on with, so to speak (again). In fact, the average person living in the United States will consume around 68 garments over the course of just one single year, in addition to seven full pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, this means that the average person also throws out a good deal of clothing in this same span of time as well. In total, about ten pounds of clothing will be simply tossed out and sent to the landfill each and every year in the United States – and that’s just per person! There is no denying the huge environmental toll that this is taking – and likely to continue to take in the years that are ahead of us.

Fortunately, making a donation to a local Red Cross center is something that has become easier to do than ever before. Red Cross pickup locations have made this the case. After all, a Red Cross pickup location has become something of a staple in many a community throughout the country. It is more likely, in fact, that there are a number of Red Cross pickup locations in your area or surrounding areas. And access to something like a Red Cross pickup center will help to ensure that you are able to make these charitable donations with ease – or at least relative ease. Considering the fact that leaving your clothing or other donations at a Red Cross pickup location is free, you might even find that donating is just as easy as simply throwing the goods away – and a much better option for our environment and for our communities as well.

But what clothes should you give away in the first place? For one thing, getting rid of anything that no longer fits you, be it way too big or way too small, is a good first step. And if you live in a climate where there are no more than two seasons, it is likely that you should be wearing all of your clothing at least once throughout the course of a half of a year. If this is not the case, than you should consider donating the clothing that you are not wearing, as you are not likely to start wearing it again – at least not on a regular basis, that is. And getting rid of anything that you don’t wear will help to free up you space, something that a great many people are very much in need of here in the United States, to say the very least.

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