What You Need to Know About Guardianship


In this video, you will learn all about guardianship. If you are curious about guardianship or believe it to be the best course of action for your family member, this video will help dispel any myths you may have and give you a better understanding of what it is.

An important thing to know about guardianship is that it should be a last resort. There will be a lot of laws involved that can complicate the process, and especially to look for other alternatives.

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Also, the decision should be based around if the individual needs a guardian and not around any other factors such as diagnosis. If the guardianship process does go through, there will be a lot of responsibility placed on the guardian, including regularly reporting in. Even if guardianship turns out to be the best way to care for a loved one, everyone involved must understand the roles and responsibilities they may end up having. Your family member’s well-being should always be the first priority.


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