What is the Different Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?


Senior living apartments

Every senior reaches the point where its time for them to move out of their home. Whether they know it or not, their home has become more than they can manage, and it’s more space than they need. If this is the case, there are other more appropriate living arrangements in which they can enjoy their retirement.

Independent living and assisted living are both popular options for senior living. However, there is often a lot of confusion between the two. This article is intended to clear up the differences, and help you decide which option is best for you.

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

  • Independent Living – Senior independent living is the best choice for seniors who are still fully capable of taking care of themselves, but just aren’t don’t want the hassle of maintaining a home any longer. Independent living centers provide the freedom of independence while also providing assistance where needed.
  • Assisted Living – Assisted living is for those whose You make this choice when medical, memory, or aging issues reduce your ability to safely stay in your own home. You still want privacy and independence, but you also need some help with tiresome responsibilities like cleaning, cooking, and laundry. These and other amenities are included for resident enjoyment.
  • While these are by no means the only senior living options, they provide the most amenities and independence, while also providing a more relaxing and care-free lifestyle. Why not actually enjoy your golden years?

    Choosing the best senior living option can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially stressful if you’re confused by your options, and not sure where to go. If you have any additional comments or questions about living in a senior home, feel free to leave them in the comments. Refernce materials.

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