What a Full-Body Chiro Treatment Is Like


When many people think about chiro treatments, they think about back pain and spinal realignment. However, chiropractors are able to adjust more than just the spine. In fact, they can adjust virtually every joint in the body to speed healing and provide pain relief.

Video Source

Full-body chiro adjustments are useful for anyone who suffers from pain throughout the body or anyone who pushes their body to its limits in athletic environments.

If you’re not sure what to expect from a full-body chiro treatment, the video posted here can help. In the video, a chiropractor goes through a full-body chiropractic adjustment on a patient. He starts with her neck and moves down the body, adjusting the joints throughout the body.

The chiropractic adjustments used in the video involve the manipulation of the limbs and carefully applied pressure from the chiropractor. Unlike spinal adjustments, they may require more participation from the patient who needs to maneuver into precise positions with the help of the chiropractor.

If you’re interested in getting a full-body chiro adjustment, don’t hesitate to ask your chosen chiropractor how to prepare for the adjustment or what to expect from the treatment. Your experience may be somewhat different from what is shown in the video.

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