Top Reasons to Visit the Best Pediatrician Colorado Springs Has to Offer


Are you a parent living in Colorado Springs and wondering if there are good pediatricians in the city? The good news is that there are plenty of good pediatricians. It’s easy to find the best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer. A simple Google search will bring you results from pediatricians near you. There are several reasons why you may have to visit these doctors.

Family Doctor vs. Pediatrician

Before we dive into some of the common reasons why you may find yourself looking for the best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer, let’s explain the difference between a pediatrician and a family doctor.

A family doctor typically treats people over the age of 18. A pediatrician specializes in the treatment of infants, children, and young adults. The pediatricians focus on the mental, emotional, and mental well-being of the children. If your kid has issues with their teeth, you should look for a dentist for kids, not just any dentist. Pediatricians also treat chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma.

When your child shows symptoms of a specific condition, their pediatrician may refer them to a pediatric specialist, like a dentist for children. Your child will get proper dental care from these specialists, compared to what they’d get from a general dentist.

As your child continues to grow, some reasons will compel you to visit the best pediatrician Colorado Springs can give you. Let’s explore some of these reasons.

New Baby Well Check

The health of our newborn baby should be a key priority in their early stages of life. The health of the baby should be analyzed by the pediatrician in the first weeks of their life. These visits ensure your baby is thriving and meeting expected developmental milestones.

During these well-check visits to the best pediatrician Colorado Springs can offer, the pediatrician will conduct various examinations and check for common health issues. Regardless of your child’s health, annual well-child visits are important.

When your child is sick, the doctor will only focus on the prevailing illness and have no time to check on other health problems. Therefore, well-child visits are the ideal moments for the pediatrician to have a broader inspection of your child’s health.

Baby Vaccinations

Vaccinations, or immunizations, are injections that help to prevent infection and keep your baby immune to certain diseases. These vaccinations are provided at different stages of the child’s growth. The best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer will vaccinate your child against chickenpox, influenza, measles, rotavirus, tetanus, hepatitis A, HPV, polio, and more.

Many people are concerned about the safety of some of these vaccines. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving a combination of vaccines instead of single vaccines whenever possible. This reduces the number of shots that a child has to get.

Besides vaccinations, regular visits are essential for the identification of symptoms of specific diseases. For example, nutritional deficiencies can be identified in the early stages if you regularly take your baby to see the pediatrician.

Behavioral Issues

several behavioral issues in children should be of concern to you. For example, if the child has attachment or bonding issues or cannot interact well with other kids at school, you should see a pediatrician. Other behavioral problems that warrant the immediate attention of the best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer include bed wetting, sleepwalking, snoring, lack of social communication, outbursts of anger, etc.

Each Of the behavioral problems will need the attention of a specialist in that area. For example, sleep issues such as sleepwalking and snoring will need the attention of a somnologist. You can find these specialists in sleep doctor offices in Colorado Springs.

A pediatrician, although specializing in children, may have to refer your child to a different specialist to address specific issues. For example, if your teenager has trauma issues, they may need to see a psychologist.

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Your child can get conjunctivitis or pink eye from a bacterial or viral infection. In addition, this infection is easy to spread because of close contact with other children. The most common method through which bacterial conjunctivitis is spread is through direct contact with a child’s secretions, mostly through hand-to-eye contact.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can spread very quickly at home. Viral conjunctivitis is also highly contagious. The only type of this infection that is not contagious is allergic conjunctivitis. This type is caused by an allergen that irritates your child’s eyes.

Document Rate of Growth

During every visit, the best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer will measure the child’s height and weight. The doctor will then compare the measurements with the average rate of growth and identify any problems with the child’s growth. The pediatrician should also identify reasons for the stunted or slow growth of the child.

Regular visits will also help in identifying any deviations in development patterns. A pediatrician can detect deviations from expected or normal patterns of growth. For example, a child is expected to start talking by the age of 2. If your baby defies these standard patterns, the pediatrician will be able to provide the solutions or refer the child to a specialist. For example, the pediatrician may advise you to seek orthodontic consulting if there are problems with the baby’s teeth. There are many affordable family orthodontics in Colorado Springs, but your child will need to specifically see one specializing in children.

Specific growth issues have to be resolved at the earliest stages possible. For example, it is good that issues with your child’s bone development are resolved when they’re still young. It may be too late to treat certain conditions or make treatment more complicated.

Ear Infection

Ear infections can be painful and irritating. These infections are also common among children because of their shorter eustachian tubes. This is a tube that joins the nose to the middle ear. The tube also balances air pressure in the air. Bacteria and viruses can get trapped in the tubes and cause painful ear infections.

Many ear infections can get better by themselves. However, the pain can sometimes be unbearable and your baby might need antibiotics. Have you ever seen your dog or cat endure some pain and you had to take them to pet doctors because you couldn’t ignore their experience? Now imagine that happening to your child. You’ll have to take your child to a pediatrician for a proper diagnosis of the infection. The pediatrician will also recommend the right antibiotics as treatment for the ear infection.


Gastroenteritis, or stomach bug, is an infection of the intestines that causes diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The infection is caused by a variety of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. These disease-causing elements are easily spread in schools and daycare centers.

Although most stomach viral infections clear up within a few days, you should take your child to a pediatrician if the symptoms persist. This is because constant diarrhea causes dehydration, and should therefore be stopped as soon as possible.

Various Viral Illnesses

Children are susceptible to various types of viral infections because of their weak immunity. The flu, colds, and other types of illnesses can cause your child to have a high fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and more symptoms.

Some mild illnesses can be treated at home. However, you should take your baby to see the best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer if the symptoms get worse. If your child tells you that the pain in their wisdom teeth is worsening, you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

Nutritional Advice

As a parent, you may not know the best diet for your child at different stages of their growth. This lack of nutritional knowledge is especially common among new parents. The best pediatrician Colorado Springs has to offer should be able to advise you on what you should feed your child at different stages or ages.

Proper nutrition ensures that your child gets the right nutrients for their growth and well-being. In an era where many parents find it convenient to feed their children on junk food, there is a need for nutritional advice or education on the proper diet for the children. For example, it’s common knowledge that your child needs calcium for healthy and strong teeth. Lack of calcium may see you to incur dental veneers cost to correct the image of your child’s teeth.

Good nutrition will also help prevent certain diseases or conditions, therefore minimizing your visits to the doctor. In addition, it means your child is healthy most of the time and they do not miss school. In addition, the pediatrician will advise you on which types of foods or drinks to avoid.


It’s almost impossible for your baby to grow without having a fever on several occasions. Often, the fever is a symptom of a disease or infection. Not all fevers warrant the immediate attention of a doctor. However, the younger your child, the sooner you should see a pediatrician when they have a fever.

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides recommendations on the threshold or levels of temperatures that necessitate a doctor’s visit, depending on the age of the child. For example, for children younger than 3 months, you should contact a doctor if the baby has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Dental Care

The health of your child’s primary teeth is vital. Should your child have any issues or problems with their teeth, you should take them to see a pediatric dentist. These dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children – from infancy to teen years. Without proper dental care, children’s teeth can decay or have diseases that can cause pain.

Pediatric dentists would also know the best types of dental fixtures for your child. For example, should your child need braces, the specialist will prescribe the best traditional metal braces for the kid. Should you or your child prefer other orthodontics than traditional metal braces, the dentist should be able to recommend suitable alternatives. For example, less noticeable ceramic braces can be good alternatives.

It is Cost Effective

Family doctors or general physicians often slow down the treatment process for your child. Pediatricians are specialized in children’s health and are quick to identify and treat their ailments. Less time means fewer costs.

When visiting a general hospital, your child may have to see two to three doctors before finally getting the appropriate diagnosis. A children’s hospital, however, has pediatricians specializing in treating children, and you’ll only have to see one doctor.

Contacting Pediatricians in Colorado

There are many pediatricians in Colorado Springs. You’ll find these doctors in children’s hospitals, although others run their private clinics. To find a pediatrician or children’s hospital near you, you can look for them online.

A simple Google search with the term “best pediatrician Colorado Springs” will give you results of the top children doctors in the city. Visit their websites to find more information about them and their services, including the location of the hospitals or clinics.

Remember that you’re looking for one particular specialist or hospital that will be handling your child as he or she grows. You don’t want to change your child’s pediatrician every 6 months or years. It’s good to deal with one doctor who has the history of your child on their records. This makes it easy for the doctor to keep track of the child’s health.

Your child’s health should be one of your key priorities at all stages of their development. They should be seen by a specialist at appointed times, as well as every time that they’re unwell. This is why you should only seek the services of the best pediatrician Colorado Springs can offer. These specialists will not only treat your child but also advise you on how to properly take care of them.



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