Three of the Most Shocking Bed Bugs Facts You Didn’t Know


Can bed bugs be on walls? Yes, they can. It’s a common misperception that bed bugs can only be found in beds, when, in reality, they can occupy crevices in walls, carpeting, furniture, and other conducive locations in the home. Bed bugs are usually transported in tandem with house luggage and are a domestic menace to homes, hotels, and other dwelling places.

If left unchecked, bed bug infestation can get out of control, and inhabitants of infested homes could suffer a bed bug bite. Bed bug bites tend to heal on their own within a fortnight, but those seeking bed bug bite treatment medicine could make do with skin creams that contain hydrocortisone or oral antihistamines.

Can you ever get rid of bed bugs for good? While it might be difficult to route out bed bugs completely, a significant dent in their population can be achieved with the help of a bed bug exterminator. A professional bed bug exterminator will help figure out the best way to get rid of bed bug infestation. It’s important that you do not throw away all your belongings when a bed bug infestation happens, since they can still be recovered after proper treatment.

Thermal remediation services

Most everyone knows that you’re supposed to use the most effective bed bug treatment when the pesky parasites have taken up residence in your home, but other than the fact that they bite and leave itchy bumps, few really know why you’re supposed to use superior bed bug solutions.

Here are a few of the most shocking bed bug facts you didn’t know to help you get why you need a natural bed bug treatment when your home’s been invaded.

They Can Survive For Over a Year in Your Home Without Actually Biting You.

Yep, that’s right. Just because you haven’t been bitten by any bed bugs recently doesn’t mean that they’re not in your home right now. According to natural bed bug treatment providers, bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without needing to feed, which means they can live for as long as a year and a half in your bed without actually biting you. Yikes!

They Can Spread Quickly.

In that time they’re not biting you, the bed bugs could be working on spreading throughout your home. Female bed bugs can lay five eggs in a day, and about 500 eggs in their lifetime. These eggs hatch in just one to two weeks, so by the time you realize you need a natural bed bug treatment, the problem may already be out of hand.

Their Tiny Sizes Allow Them to Hide in the Smallest of Places.

Now the reason you so specifically need a non-toxic bed bug treatment, like a heat treatment for bed bugs for example, is because poison often can’t reach the places where bed bugs are hiding. Bed bugs are only one millimeter big, which is as big as two grains of salt. As a result, the majority (76%) of pest control professionals found bed bugs to be the most difficult type of pest to treat, according to the “2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey.” A natural bed bug treatment that uses heat, however, will roast the bed bugs no matter where they’re hiding.

Bed bugs are tough customers. They can survive for over a year without feeding, spread quickly, and can hide in the most tiny of spaces, so you need a natural bed bug treatment if your home has been invaded. If you have any questions about natural bed bug treatments, feel free to ask in the comments. Find out more about this topic here.

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