Three Kinds of Charities That Can Use Your Household and Clothing Donations


Clothes donations

It probably comes as no surprise that there are plenty of people who are in need of help. Many families and individuals today struggle to make ends meet, so they are often in need of food, clothing, household goods, and other items for themselves and their children. Unfortunately, only around 70% of American households report donating each year, but that number can improve if everyone does their part to help others.

Some people may feel that they don’t know where to give, and you may be facing the same issue. For your convenience, here are three types of charities that you may have overlooked that could use your donations:

Charities for Wounded Soldiers

Charities for wounded soldiers and veterans especially need items, so they can continue assisting vets and helping military families. These groups often look for gently used clothing donations, household items, and furniture to help fill the homes of veterans and their families. Many charities for wounded soldiers aim to find ways for vets to go about their daily lives more easily, and donations like yours can help.

Green Charities

Today, many charities don’t only want to help others — they also aim to improve the planet. Environmentally friendly charity organizations collect clothing, household items, electronics, and other “disposable” items to ensure that they get recycled and/or reused. This helps to eliminate waste and help other people at the same time. For example, clothing contributes about 12 to 13 million tons of waste to landfills each year, even though around 95% of it is salvageable. Giving to a green charity is good for you, for others, and for the planet.

Local Organizations

There are plenty of big national charities, but sometimes there are people right in your own town or city who need help. Check locally first, so your household and clothing donations don’t have to travel far. Not only can this help improve your community, but it can also have positive environmental benefits because donations won’t need to be sent across the country or overseas.

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