Three Easy Home Furnishing Styles


Tips for furnishing a home

A house is no more than four walls and a roof, but anyone can turn a house into a home by choosing colors, patterns, and designs that are significant and comforting to them. In 2013 furniture and home furnishing stores generated around 101.41 billion U.S. dollars in sales. With a little inspiration and motivation, anyone can turn their house into the home of their dreams by choosing home furnishing styles that work well together to create a homogeneous theme; here are some tips for furnishing a home to help stir up some creativity.

Country Living

The rustic charm of a backwoods cabin or a country barn appeals to many, so why not take the outdoors and put them inside for a change? Using reclaimed wood from old furniture, buildings, and bridges not only utilizes historical pieces but also adds a unique accent to any home. One of the most popular kinds of reclaimed wood specifically comes from barns, as the aged wood has a richness and patina of its own. When furniture shopping, Amish-made wooden furniture goes perfectly with these kind of home furnishing styles.

Modern and Classical Design

The smell of an old library or the sleek look of an office: these are essentially two sides to the same coin. The fine-quality furniture demanded by classical and modern designs have better welding, sanding, and finishing to conceal hardware better. Leather furniture works extremely well with both styles; keeping the leather furniture away from heat sources can prevent the furniture from drying out and cracking. While modern design utilizes shapes and lighting to create the illusion of more space, classical design instead uses elegant symmetry and style to give the sense of order to a room.

Coastal Decor

One of the best ideas for furnishing a condo or beachfront property is to bring the charm of the sea to the decor. A coastal design ought to have bright colors supplemented by those items most reminiscent of the beach like sea glass and driftwood textures with sandy neutrals and sea blues. Using lightweight, semi-transparent curtains can keep the sense of flow going throughout the house as though the sea breeze was blowing throughout the house. While these are some of the most popular styles for young homeowners, using the right accents and furnishings can turn any house into a personalized home.

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