The Unlikely Places You’ll Find Bed Bugs

are bed bugs bad this year


When you have bed bugs, or you simply suspect that you do, you need to hire a company that can handle bed bugs termite infestations and other pest problems. When there are bed bugs bothering you, you may have a lot of questions about them and how they operate. Are bed bugs active during the day? Yes, they can be, but mostly they come out at night because that’s when you’re sleeping. Are bed bugs bad this year? They have been on a downswing as fewer people were traveling, but their numbers should pick up now that people are traveling again.

Are bed bugs only in beds? No, they can be just about anywhere. They are commonly found in beds, and they often can be found in larger numbers there. However, they can be transferred to other areas of the house where they can also thrive. Stuffed and/or upholstered furniture can often harbor bed bugs. Are bed bugs outside? No, they are generally found indoors where they have access to regular meals. They are often transferred from home to home and from hotel rooms to homes. Hiding indoors allows them to wait until you’re still and to bite you then.

Are there bed bugs in your laptop or crawling along your children’s toys? Too few Americans realize that it is more than possible to find bed bugs on or in solid objects, and not just on furniture. What is a classic case of this happening, and how can home and business owners determine if their things are riddled with bed bugs?

Michigan Library Closes Permanently, Thanks To Bed Bugs

“Mayor Jim Fouts said an insect resembling a bedbug was discovered at the Miller Branch last Saturday by a librarian,” Detroit Free Press writes. “The librarian told Fouts that a patron reported a man, who was sitting next to her in the library, had visible bugs crawling all over his body.” That particular branch of the library closed — for good — as of Friday, June 13. Officials are exploring bed bug thermal remediation services and/or non-toxic bed bug treatments to eliminate any infestations on library books and furniture. After being serviced with bed bug heat treatment equipment, staff will determine whether objects are safe to go back into circulation at some of the library’s other locations.

Are There Bed Bugs In Your Home?

Are there bed bugs in your home? Have they worked their way into the nooks and crannies of your laptop? There are several telltale signs of a bed bug infestation. Know how to recognize them, and when it’s time for heat remediation for bed bugs.

Bed bugs in furnishings or crawling along your books will leave exoskeletons and, sometimes, even bright red blood splotches. Small black dots, or bed bug droppings, are a common sign as well. Some homeowners may also notice a musky and/or sweet smell.

Don’t let bed bug infestations get out of hand. Know the signs and seek heat remediation for bed bugs before they spread to all of your things — including electronics and your favorite books.

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