The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2016


Renting a tent

It?s going to be wedding season again soon, and couples around the country are planning out their special day. What trends can we expect to see in 2016? Here?s a few things you?re going to want to look out for.

More Sparkle

According to Brides, understated is out — sequins and metallics are going to be taking center stage, whether it?s a belt for the wedding dress, the cake, or mirror ball reflections. It?s about creating a feeling of ?glam.?

Mixing Up Bouquets

Flower bouquets may be the standard, but some brides are looking to mix things up with interesting substitutes such as local greenery or bouquets partially comprised of live succulent plants, which can come in a wide range of colors. What you also might see is a mix-up of any of the above; think flowers along with geometrical shapes (thank you, 3D printing!), greenery with metallic finishes, etc.

Upgrading the Cake

The wedding cake is never leaving the spotlight, but as Huffington Post points out, alternatives are becoming more and more popular for brides who want to offer their guests something sweet to eat but have no real desire to invest in the whole kit and kaboodle of a cake. Donut displays, cupcakes, and mini pies are alternatives popping up at weddings everywhere. When the wedding cake is around, it?s often being experimented with as well; naked cakes — or cakes lacking an outer layer of frosting — have been getting a lot of traction lately.

Party Tent Rentals

Everyone these days has thousands of dollars worth of student loans; who really wants to spend $30,000 on a wedding on top of that? Renting a tent for a wedding and having it outdoors in good weather is becoming a more popular option. Just make sure that your event rentals are appropriate no matter what the weather is like — tents should be easy to secure in windy conditions, and have side flaps in case of rain.

Locally Sourced Food

Your cousin may have had king crab at her wedding, but by far one of the more popular 2016 wedding trend is to work with caterers to get locally sourced food for weddings. This enables dishes not only to be fresh, but to be distinctly unique and something all your guests are going to remember and enjoy.

Do you plan on getting 3D printed bouquets, tent event rentals, or local food for your 2016 wedding? Let us know!

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