Reasons to Give Used Clothing Donations What are the Benefits?


Clothes donations

Are you interested in helping families in need, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin? There are several ways to help out, including volunteering, sending money, and collecting or preparing food for others. However, there is another solution, and it’s as simple as looking through your closet: you can participate in used clothing donations for families in your area who are experiencing financial difficulties. There are many ways to find out the best charities to donate to in your area, but the best way to find something is to look for green charities that are concerned with helping others and the Earth.

Want to know why you should give your used clothing donations to charity? Here are some of the biggest advantages of donating clothing:

1. You can help the planet. Did you know that each year, millions of pounds of clothing and textiles are thrown away, and virtually all of them can be recycled and donated? It’s true, but unfortunate: rather than sending our old clothing to a landfill, we can actually donate it instead. Many times, even clothing that has a tear or other signs of wear can be donated and recycled. If you are interested in doing your part for Mother Earth, be sure to donate any clothing that you and your family are no longer using.

2. You can help others on the planet. With the economic recession in the United States, and poverty as a worldwide issue, there are plenty of people who need help in a variety of aspects of life. Food and shelter are foremost, but having access to clean clothing is a necessity, also. Additionally, many people require outfits for work or for special occasions, too (not to mention their everyday garments), so used clothing donations of all types for men, women, and children are all useful. And what doesn’t get donated gets sold in thrift stores, with the proceeds helping those in need.

3. You can help yourself. Let’s face it: no one likes spring cleaning. If you have a home cleaning project that you’re behind on, such as getting rid of unwanted clothing, then used clothing donations are the perfect way to complete this responsibility. Check to see if your family members have clothing that you can donate, too.

Want more information on donating your gently used clothing to charity? Leave us a comment below and get in touch with your local charitable organizations.

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