Preparing Your Little One for the First Day of Kindergarten


Starting kindergarten can be daunting for any little one. Viewers can get a sense of what the first day of kindergarten can be like in this short video. That’s one way to help prepare a child for what kindergarten in a public school will be like. Here are some more tips.

Does the public school offer a “stay and play” style visiting session? If a child gets to visit the setting once or twice before being there every day, they may get used to it, which can remove nervousness.

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There may also be the option for a child to meet their kindergarten teacher before they start.

Find out from school what books, songs, or topics might be covered. Parents can introduce these subjects and sing those songs with their children. This creates familiarity — when they hear that song or see that book in the school setting, they’ll be excited to join in or hear the story.

It’s also worth letting kindergarten-age children talk to older siblings or cousins about their experiences. Knowing that someone else had a great time starting school can help ease any fears. Plus, this is a lovely way to encourage family bonding.

Speak to the school about other ways to prepare a little one for kindergarten. Getting it right now could give them an easier time throughout school. They’ll have the best time if they’re more relaxed when they start.

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