Preparing Flowers for an Arrangement


In this video you will learn how to arrange flowers for a wedding bouquet or any other type of floral arrangements. The most important is having the right tools. You can use either floral clippers or a floral knife.

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You always want to cut flowers at an angle. Cutting the flowers at a 45- degree angle increases the surface area of the flowers so they can get more water. Take the floral knife and use your hand as a vice. No part of your hand will move, just the knife. You will pull the stem at a 45-degree angle towards your body.

Then you will want to remove any foliage off the flower that is going to sit below the water line. Measure the vase you are using and then remove the foliage at the bottom by simply pulling or using clippers. Some flowers that have thicky and woody stems will need more cuts in the stem to allow them to get more water.

Once your flowers have been trimmed correctly, you are ready to arrange them in the way you want. This DIY flower arrangement is perfect for those who right to use their own creativity for their wedding bouquet.


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