New Smart Safes and Accessories Improve Store Security and Accounting Procedures

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When it comes to handling and managing money, retail stores face a number of challenges from internal and external sources. As well as the risk of burglaries, pilfering by employees and inaccurate counts can play havoc with receipts and accounting. The new generation of smart safes and safe accessories help retailers to solve several problems at once, by providing greater security, keeping track of transactions and deposits, and improving the overall retail experience for customers, staff, and managers.

Why stores need greater security
Retailers are always at risk of burglaries. In fact, a burglary happens every 15.4 seconds, according to the FBI. Annually, the total number of burglaries tops 2 million. While people might feel that convictions for burglaries will deter thefts, the truth is that 90% of all burglaries are never solved. So the burden of avoiding losses due to burglary falls on the retailer and business owner.
Internally, pilfering on a small scale by staff can add up to significant losses. The new generation of smart safes and safe accessories can improve in-store security. They’re called smart safes for a good reason: they can also track all transactions and deposits and keep accurate records. This frees up staff and managers for other tasks, allowing them to focus on efficiency and improving the customer service experience.

Improving store safety with smart safes
New business safes are called smart safes for a good reason. They can automatically record all transactions and record all deposits. By limiting staff access to cash, they reduce the risk of burglary, creating a safer environment for customers and staff.
The vault inside the business safe cannot be accessed by any store employees or even the manager. It thus provides security against burglary attempts, since the money can only be accessed by armored car security guards who will transport it to the bank. Limiting the amount of cash in the till at any given time also reduces the risks of burglary and internal pilfering.

Streamlining store operations
New business safe products and safe accessories can connect to POS machines and automatically record all transactions. They can further match these to deposits made to the safe, providing an accurate count. This helps to streamline cash procedures in the store, making it easier and quicker for employees to cash out at the end of a shift.
The floor safes also speed up processes like deposit preparation, investagtng discrepancies, and reconciling cash receipts against POS sales. With automated business safe products, such tasks can be carried out quickly and accurately. Once staff and managers are freed of the anxiety and tediousness that these accounting procedures involve, they are free to focus on customer service and merchandising.

A more secure and efficient store also translates into a better customer experience. Smart safes and safe accessories contribute to this by freeing up employees and managers from the anxiety and tediousness of manual cash handling. By limiting access to deposits, and reducing the amount of cash in the till, floor safes reduce the risk of burglary and internal pilfering.

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