Luxury Townhomes in Ardmore, PA


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Finding the perfect home can prove to be quite the job. Considering the amount of characteristics and decisions that go into finding and purchasing a new home, it can become overwhelming when weighing your options against one another. For current home buyers, it’s been shown that their top three goals revolve around securing privacy, family needs, and asset accumulation. The primary way to achieve this is to look for a home that is affordable, secure, reliable, well-maintained, and residential. If you current home buyer and you have been researching Ardmore real estate, then it is worth your time to look into the luxurious townhomes in Montogomery county.

What is a Townhome?

A townhome is a multi-level structure that is conjoined to other units, primarily aligned in the fashion of row housing. This real estate is constructed such that each townhome has their own particular privacy, but share communal amenities between other townhome owners.

Townhome Amenities

One of the primary benefits to purchasing a townhome is that you are getting a modern, multi-level home that has an updated interior and exterior. These luxurious townhomes will feature updated HVAC systems, renovated kitchens, new-age appliances (washer, dryer, kitchenware, and bath equipment), as well as crisp carpeting and flooring. So for the 34% of recent home buyers who wished to avoid paying for renovations with old, fault plumbing and electricity system, such a problem will not exist with these townhomes.

These luxurious townhomes have communal outdoor spaces that are shared among other townhome owners. Such amenities are the community pool, walking/running paths, exterior grounds, and more.

Townhome Location

For the 52% of home buyers that find the most difficult part of home buying to be finding the right type of property/location, these luxurious townhomes will remove all worry. Just minutes from Wegmans, Whole Foods, and the King of Prussia Mall, this Ardmore real estate provides you with the perfect location to all of your everyday shopping needs.

Furthermore, for those seeking family friendly townhomes, these are the only luxury townhomes that are located in the #1 ranked American school district. Similarly providing a community of surrounding townhomes, this real estate instills the neighborhood feel that provides your family with a resounding sense of comfort and security.

When moving your family into a new home, you want to ensure that they have a piece of real estate that is ready to move into: minimizing the complications of moving is important; providing comfort and security is paramount. The luxury townhomes of Ardmore, PA provided these exact needs, giving you and your family a new, luxurious home to settle into in no time.

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