Little Ways You Can Make a Big Difference in Your Community


Local donation pick ups

The holiday season may be a distant — and bitterly cold — memory, however, that doesn’t mean helping families in need should be put on the back burner. Quite the opposite! While it’s common for charitable organizations to receive the majority of their charitable donations during the hustle and bustle of the winter holiday seasons, helping families in need is a year round job.

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to get cracking your yearly spring cleaning if you haven’t begun already. But before you get too caught up in the out-with-the-hold-in-with-the-new mentality, consider setting aside unwanted items as charity donations. Common examples include old — yet functioning — household appliances, unwanted pantry items, and even clothes.

Clothing donations are one of the best ways you can help families in need in your community. While nearly 99% of clothing that is discarded can be recycled, it’s estimated that the typical American household discards roughly 68 pounds of clothing each year. However, donating clothes allows you to make a difference in your community while reducing landfill pollution, which in turn helps to create a healthier environment for all.

If you’re short on time, you can still donate household goods, food, and clothing by scheduling a donation pick up time with the charity of your choice. Many charities offer donation pickup services that allow donors to leave their items outside their home or place of business to be picked up at a scheduled time.

Perhaps one of the simplest ways you can make difference in your community and help those in need is to donate your time be volunteering. Several studies have shown that volunteers reap several mental, physical, and emotional benefits from volunteering on a regular basis. In addition, volunteering is an excellent way to connect with your fellow community members and unite under a common goal.

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