How to Safely Explore Teeth Whitening


The first step beyond being a candidate for teeth whitening is choosing the right teeth whitening system. You have to find a system that is comfortable, is effective, and is easy to use. There are really three kinds of systems: over-the-counter, professional strength, and light-activated. Over the counter is typically a gel or a tray that you have to wear for two to eight hours.

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Professional strength is generally a gel that you wear for about 45 minutes to an hour in your dentist’s office, and light-activated is a gel that you wear for 30 to 45 minutes while light takes care of the rest. The whitening process is basically painless.

It’s important to remember that whitening will not remove tetracycline stains; it will minimize the appearance, but won’t remove them completely. Ultimately, you’ve surely heard of some people getting teeth whitening just with a do-it-yourself kit, but it’s really best to get your teeth professionally whitened if you’re a teeth whitening candidate.

The final step before you get started is to make sure your enamel is healthy and intact. If you have some cavities, get those filled before you whiten your teeth. If you can’t afford to get them filled yet, you can line your teeth with a plastic mouth guard overnight, or for a few hours a day, to make sure you don’t get the bleach on the exposed dentin. It’s really important that your teeth are healthy.


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