How to Get Your Dream Lawn


In this video, you will learn how to build your ideal lawn. People think that finding riding lawn mowers for sale and getting them is the only thing to do. That is not the case. To build an ideal lawn, you have to do more than finding riding lawn mowers for sale.

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First, you have to decide when to start over seeding in the lawn. Overseeding is the process in which we have to introduce more grass seed in the lawn so that more and fresh grass can grow in the lawn. You have to decide when to do over seeding and how to do it.
Once it is decided you have to mow the lawn to cut the height of the grass. Remember, more height mean that sun will not reach to the roots and therefore, new grass will less likely to be grown fast. Hence, you have to mow the lawn.
After it, do the process of dethatching and core aeration, in this process you will make small holes in the lawns and check the soil and bring it out. It will help you to determine the situation of the lawn and help new seed to grow.
Lastly, spread the seeds and give water two times a day likely in the morning and evening. To learn it in detail, watch the full video.

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