How To Create the Perfect Lawn


Who doesn’t love a freshly cut lawn that is a beautiful shade of green? This is what many homeowners strive for. They use their mower to cut the grass regularly along with watering the grass. However, this does not always cut it.

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Sometimes, you need to plant new seed if your grass is getting a little sparse. In this video, you will learn how to create the perfect lawn.

Many homeowners make the mistake of planting new grass seeds during the summer. However, this is actually the worst time to plant. This is because the heat and crabgrass will keep the new seeds from really taking hold. Instead, plant in fall when the new seeds will really be able to prosper.

The first step is to use a core aerator to prep the lawn. Then, shovel compost onto your lawn. You can use a rake to spread the compost. After that, use a spreader to spread fertilizer and then the seeds themselves. However, the most important part is watering the grass seeds. If you water them daily, you will have luscious grass in no time! This is how you create the perfect lawn.


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