How Ibogaine for Depression Helps


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Most people have heard of depression, and yet a lot of people do not quite understand it or know what it feels like. Depression greatly affects your life and it can quickly consume you, making you feel like you cannot get enough air. A lot of people with depression do not know where to turn, and may find ways to self medicate, either through alcohol or drugs or other dangerous addictive behaviors. In fact, a lot of people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction found themselves addicted by resorting to these substances to get away from their feelings of depression. It can be a scary cycle, but fortunately, there are options available to those suffering with depression and substance addiction. Ibogaine for depression are one of these otpions.

Drugs are often a top choice of self medication because of the ease of getting them. In interviews, addicts confirm that illegal drugs are readily available and are often less expensive than a 6 pack of beer (e.g. $3 for a single dose of cocaine). This makes self medication with illegal drugs an easy route to mask any feelings of depression. The drugs may take away the negative feelings that are associated with depression and mask them with feelings of high and euphoria, but they are often followed by an addiction that can quickly become serious. Drug treatment for depression is not a favorable solution. An ibogaine clinic assists individuals with depression and any addiction treatment, such as Adderall addiction or cocaine addiction.

Feelings of depression may also be masked with prescription drugs, also as a result of their ease of getting them. In 2013, 6.5 million Americans aged 12 or older (or 2.5%) had used prescription drugs nonmedically in the past month. Prescription drugs include pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants and sedatives. 1.3 million Americans (0.5%) has used hallucinogens (a category that includes ecstasy and LSD) in the past month. Ibogaine for depression seems to be the safest treatment for depression out of all of these options, providing individuals with depression a healthier and less addicting treatment option.

Ibogaine for depression has a lot of advantages. Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction will eliminate upwards of 98% of opiate withdrawal symptoms, and significantly alleviate PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome). Many times, it is the fear of the common withdrawal symptoms that may prevent people from choosing to abstain or reduce their use of illegal substances of excessive uses of alcohol. These side effects are real and they can not only be scary, but they can also be dangerous. Ibogaine treatments take a lot of that fear and dangerousness out of the equation, because it allows the person to go through the withdrawal process without the negative, physical side effects.

Many people are currently suffering with depression. Many of these people are undiagnosed and are suffering alone. They may choose to self medicate with substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs. An alcohol addiction may lead to illegal drug use and then the individual is dealing with addiction. It is a never ending process that involves destruction and despair. Ibogaine is a treatment for both the addiction and the depression side of the problem. It allows people to withdrawal from their substances without experiencing many of the harmful and scary side effects. Once the addiction is worked through, the person can begin working on their depressed feelings.

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