Helpful Advice for Finding Senior Assisted Living


Not all assisted living facilities are created equal. Even the best of them will be well suited to some seniors and less well suited to others. So, how should you go about choosing the best senior assisted living facility for your elderly loved one? To help you answer questions like these, the experts at Johnson McGinnis Elder Care are here to help. Be sure to check out their video on the subject, and read on to learn more.

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If possible, begin your search at the earliest possible time. Availability and waiting lists must be considered and it can also take a fair amount of time to find the right match. Never commit to an assisted living facility without at least one full tour of the facilities. Look for quality, cleanliness, and professionalism.

Any good assisted living facility will have basic HIPAA and liability policies. But more is required to ensure quality of life for their guests and clients. Be sure they bring added value to the fore with proactive quality-of-life policies. Seniors often need to travel to doctor’s appointments. Emergency transportation should also be well accommodated. Transportation is a common and cost-intensive need. A good staff-to-resident ratio and low turnover are key indicators of a quality facility.

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