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While some people think that age is just a number, the exact opposite is known to be true by those who grow older in age each year. Most people try to ignore the facts about growing old when they grow old themselves or when the people that they love grow old, but it is important that you are aware of what happens when people grow in age so that you can take care of yourself or the people you love.

A lot of older people are very stubborn and do not want to receive any form of help, which is absolutely foolish. As you grow older your body no longer works as well as it originally did. This is unfortunate but it is the brutal truth of growing old. What is important is that people make sure they get all of the aid that they can so that way they can live their lives in a healthy way.

One of the most dangerous aspects of growing older is how frail your body can become and the danger that approaches you when this happens. All of a sudden, something that is normally not incredibly harmful like falling becomes something that is unbelievably dangerous. Here is what you need to know about mobility aid, being old, and using a horse head cane.

Every single year in the United States, 25% of all older adults will fall. This is because they are moving around without the help of a mobile aid like a horse head cane. So it is important to make sure that the people who are growing older that you care about have their horse head cane with them at all times.

Amongst these older adults that fall each year, over half of these falls will take place inside of their house. So many people believe that as long as you are in your home you are safe and away from harm but unfortunately for older people, this is not true.

Each year over two million senior citizens will have to visit an emergency room because they fall and ended up getting injured during the process of falling. So understand that serious injuries can be sustained by an older person that falls and that is horrific to think. These people definitely need to have a horse head cane in their reach for legitimate support when they move about their home.

Keep in mind that every 11 seconds, a senior citizen is treated in the emergency room because they fell and got hurt. These injuries should be taken seriously and so should a senior citizen having a horse head cane to help them move around. Dizziness when standing up or unsteadiness when walking are the two most common causes of falls amongst senior citizens.

While many older citizens look down upon using mobile aid, statistics have proven that almost 7 million Americans will use assistive devices, including the horse head cane, to help aid their movement around the house. Also, out of all the Americans over the age of 85, just under 40% will use mobility devices.

Just about 70% of all people that use mobile aids will walk with a cane which makes the cane the most commonly used mobility device in the United States. There are a lot of canes to choose from including stylish canes, the umbrella cane, wooden canes, decorative canes, durable cans, and much more.

Out of all the Americans that are over the age of 65, just about 10% of them will use a cane to help themselves move around. More than 20% of cane users have states that osteoarthritis as the main cause of their limited mobility. This is a serious disease that can develop in people who are older and as just mentioned, ti can seriously hinder and limit the mobility of most people.

In Conclusion

Make sure that the older people that you love are taken care of as they continue to grow old. It is not easy to help them stay in the best shape possible, but it is truly important that you work hard to try and protect their way of life.

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