Experience Maximum Comfort While Sleeping and Much More with Adjustable Mattresses


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There is no worse feeling than waking up throughout the night and knowing that you have to wake up early for school or work. Obtaining comfort while sleeping can often seem impossible with a regular mattress, and you may feel as if you have run out of options for a good night’s sleep.

Fortunately, the technology being used in adjustable mattresses has improved by leaps and bounds in the past several years. The quality of sleep that these therapeutic beds can provide is truly incomparable, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your quality of life after just a few nights. Adjustable beds can be customized to suit the wants and needs of both people in the bed, and choosing your favorite comfort level takes just a few minutes. Here are just a few of the reasons that millions of people are making the switch to adjustable mattresses:

  • Comfort while sleeping. Tossing and turning all night until you finally find some comfort while sleeping is many people’s worst nightmare (no pun intended.) A 2015 One Poll survey revealed that 91% of American adults either always or sometimes wake up in the middle of the night due to a bad mattress. Adjustable mattresses provide top-notch comfort that allows you to sleep through the night without tossing and turning.
  • Longer lifespan of quality mattresses. In addition to sleeping more comfortably, you’ll also find that adjustable beds last much longer than their non-adjustable counterparts. According to the National Sleep Foundation, good quality mattresses have a life expectancy of about 10 years. Adjustable mattresses are extremely worthwhile investments, and you’ll be privy to superior comfort for years to come.
  • Enhanced productivity at work. When you finally find a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably through the night, you’ll notice that it’s easier to perform at work or school. According to Harvard University, one recent study found that one in four U.S. workers has insomnia, costing U.S. employers about $63 billion in lost productivity each year. If you find that your poor quality of sleep if affecting your work life, you need to switch to an adjustable mattress. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

It’s only a matter of time before adjustable mattresses completely replace traditional mattresses in the homes of most Americans, and you should start reaping these benefits as soon as possible. Find a high-quality adjustable bed and start getting the great night’s sleep that you deserve.

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