Everything You Need to Throw the Adult Slumber Party That Your Younger Self Would Envy


Pajama onesies for adults

Do you remember how fun slumber parties were as a child? You and your favorite classmates would stay up all night, watching an 80s classic like The Goonies or Breakfast Club, wearing matching onesies pajamas, and gossiping about cute boys in school. Those were the days. The presidential campaign and economic downturn weren’t even on your mind. The most important issues were who wrote who’s initials on their notebook with a heart around them and what licensed character was on your backpack. Yup. Those were the days.

But hold the (classic 90s hamburger-shaped dial-up) phone… here’s a brilliant idea. You need to recreate those awesome slumber parties you and your friends relished as a child. Here is a comprehensive guide to throwing an adult slumber party:

  1. Get adult pajamas onesies for each of your guests. Just because you aren’t children anymore doesn’t mean you can’t look like one. Adult pajamas onesies will instantly bring you back to those fun nights with all your besties as a child. Unlike the original days of slumber parties, you now have internet access, which means that now you can find your own custom adult pajamas onesies in any size or color, and with any character that you want, as long is it is sold anywhere on the planet Earth. That means that is is now possible to get adult pajamas onesies with each of your girlfriends’ (or boyfriends’, if that’s their thing) favorite member of New Kids on the Block. Yes, please!
  2. Make a bangin’ 90s-era playlist. Speaking of NKOTB, it won’t be a throwback to the glory days, unless you bring out your favorite jams. Time to pull out the Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Boys2Men. Or whoever was on your Sony walkman when you road the bus to school in the 90s.

    Here’s an insider’s tip: If you don’t want to give iTunes your hard earned for jams you haven’t listened to since your 7th grade dance, create a “90s genre” playlist with Pandora. It’s free and sure to turn your slumber party into a dance party.

  3. Pull out the childhood games. We aren’t talking Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders (although you can play those too if it’s how you did slumber party as a tween). We’re talking those little origami fortune tellers that used nothing other than the number of letters in the color you chose and then the luck of the digit you select to predict who you were going to marry. We’re talking SMASH, the fortune-telling game that could determine your future career, the love of your life, the number of children you would have, and the type of home you would live in.

    If it’s a co-ed party, we’re talking the “cool kid” games like Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. Let out your inner-young adult and have fun. Only now, your beverage choices can be less “young” and more “adult.”
  4. Make a snack trip. While we’re on the subject of adult beverages, let’s talk food options. As an adult, you’re probably concerned with silly things like calories, and the impact they have on your waistline. Go ahead and throw those ideas in the trash for the night. One night of eating like a teenager isn’t going to kill you. Your slumber party won’t really celebrate your heyday unless it involves delivery pizza. Flaming Hot Cheetos. Twinkies. Chocolate. Root beer floats. All of the above.
  5. And finally, let’s talk movies. After your done with your dance party, and 90s era middle school games, and stuffing your face, it’s time to settle down in your adult jammies and watch your favorite childhood flicks. You can’t go wrong with anything that involves Molly Ringwald. Maybe consider a few of those cheesy 80s vampire movies, if the mood seems right. It’s shame you can’t pick them up from Blockbuster, like you did the first time around. Luckily, with Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon Prime Streaming, your favorite movies from the glory days are just a click away.

We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite slumber party memory? Shout it out in the comment section below!

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