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Double sided mattress manufacturers

Double sided mattresses are truly in a league of their own. Unlike single sided mattresses, which are built basically so that the most comfort is provided only on one side, double sided mattresses are constructed right from the middle, or the core. The system used is an innerspring with padding all around. This provides the same type of comfort on both sides of the mattress.

The best double sided mattress has several benefits. To begin with, once any mattress has begun to be used, its shape changes due to what is called body impressions. This, being pretty self explanatory, is a good thing. A large part of the job of a mattress is to become tailored to the particular body shape of the person who sleeps on it night after night. A single sided mattress cannot be flipped over and slept on because the under body is not constructed for that purpose. Double sided mattresses, however, are manufactured with just that purpose in mind. After some use the mattress is flipped over to a side that has no body impressions. So, as the owner of the mattress sleeps on the second side night after night, those body impressions are created, just as they were on the other side. During this time, the body impressions on the first side are kind of straightening themselves out. This causes the mattress to settle evenly on both sides.

An obvious, but essential, reason why double sided mattresses are a good investment is that they will last longer than those that are one sided. It makes sense that if a one sided mattress has a predicted life span using just the one side, the double sided mattress’s life span should be somewhat longer.

When shopping for a double sided mattress, customers need to keep in mind a couple of thoughts. The first is that double sided mattresses are heavier than single sided mattresses, which is really a no brainer because of the extra pieces within its construction. Also, someone who lives alone may have a little trouble lifting and flipping the mattress when the time comes to do so. Additionally, because the double sided mattress contains more parts it will cost a little more than conventional one sided mattresses. Double sided mattress brands and styles, as a rule, are more limited than others because they are typically made with only innerspring construction.

Double sided mattress manufacturers create these mattresses for the benefit of the consumer. Because there are two usable sides to these mattresses, they offer more in the way of sleeping surface. The comfort of the mattress does not wear away as quickly because of the ability to flip it over and use the other side while, as mentioned earlier, the first side regains its shape.

A double sided mattress with a high level of quality is generally that way because of the innerspring steel construction. Because both sides of the mattress are put to use, the padding around the innerspring construction is thick, filling both sides, and provides a higher level of comfort. One sided mattresses are built for comfort on one side; therefore, there is less steel used in their manufacture, and less padding as well. For these reasons, and others, a one sided mattress will wear out faster.

Comfort is typically the top priority of most people in being able to get a good night’s sleep. 92% of people surveyed believe that a comfortable mattress is essential to sleeping well. People who have some type of sleeping disorder in the United States number between 50 and 70 million. There are many cases in which switching to a new type of mattress makes all the difference! Statistics show that 53% of women do not feel that they get enough sleep, where less men, 44%, feel that they do not get enough sleep.

There are many reasons why people have trouble sleeping or are not able to find a position comfortable enough to allow them to sleep soundly. And, although a new mattress is not always the solution, it certainly has worked for a multitude of people who were looking for a greater level of comfort. Double sided mattresses are way up there on the comfort meter, and certainly worth a try!

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