Dog Training 101 How to Train ANY DOG the Basics


In the video, the reporter passionately delves into the world of training hyperactive dogs, illuminating their often underestimated intelligence. Employing a Boxer Pit mix as a model, he showcases methods aimed at cultivating eye contact, utilizing exaggerated body language and hand signals. This not only establishes a vital link but also forms the basis of dog obedience during training sessions.

Central to his methodology is positive reinforcement.

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The reporter showcases the use of a clicker to mark desired behaviors and treats them as rewards, emphasizing the need for prompt acknowledgment. Matching the swift pace of hyperactive dogs, he underscores the importance of maintaining a consistent training rhythm to effectively reinforce desired behaviors. Beyond verbal commands, the reporter emphasizes authentic communication and energy exchange between trainer and dog. These aspects lay the groundwork for initial understanding, forming a vital basis for successful training endeavors.

Furthermore, the reporter provides a tutorial on teaching fundamental commands like “sit” and “down.” Using treats as lures, he advocates for patience and incremental progress, celebrating each step toward the desired behavior. Throughout, he highlights the significance of engagement, sincerity, and fostering a deep bond between trainer and dog, crucial for fruitful training sessions. His methodology seamlessly combines patience, positive reinforcement, and genuine communication to bridge the gap between dog and owner.

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