Desperate for Better Sleep? Check Out This Science-Backed Technique


Why are adults sleeping so terribly? Surveys in 2017 showed that 36% of U.S. adults reported feeling tired when waking up in the morning, and only 37% of U.S. adults reported sleeping very comfortably. Sleep needs differ vastly between individuals of course, but there are a few sleeping conditions that scientific studies have theorized promote better sleep for almost everyone. Fair warning, the evidence may convince you to run out to the mattress store and invest in a Tempurpedic mattress soon.

There’s one sleeping condition in particular you maybe haven’t thought about yet: sleeping in the right temperature. The sweet spot is generally agreed to be 65 or 66 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal human sleep, although 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit is an acceptable range, too. When you sleep in this ‘perfect’ range of cold, not only do you naturally sleep deeper, but your body produces higher levels of healthy fat, balances its blood sugar, and tends to better regulate other internal processes. Better sleep, and better functioning you!

Maybe you have already thought that sleeping in colder rooms feels wonderful, but your body temp or partner’s seems to naturally ‘run hot’ during sleep so you wake up in a sweat. Or, like one in five of your fellow Americans, your furry friends sleep in bed with you and act as little space heaters. Sometimes air conditioning isn’t an option, and a fan just isn’t enough. You have a few options.

First off, if you have sleeping companions, is your bed large enough to accommodate all of them? Are you and your partner squished onto a queen size mattress when you should probably invest in a king? Is your golden retriever practically on top of you on your twin-size? Having breathing room cools off the bed and lessens the amount of times you poke each other awake.

Second, make sure your bedding is appropriate for your needs. Try a cool gel pillow instead of cotton or flannel. Certain mattress brands, like a Tempurpedic mattress or Serta brand, have layered cooling technology in their mattresses to keep sleepers chilled. Memory foam pillows also have some of the cooling technology of their Tempurpedic mattress counterparts, and are worth looking into for toasty sleepers. Just make sure you pick the right hardness or softness for your new pillows and mattresses, and you’ll be well on your way to a cooler Dreamland.

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