Dentistry 101


This video is to inform viewers about the basics of dentistry and what a dentist does. Health is a big part of our lives and is something that we must manage and track on a daily basis to make sure it does decline. The health of our mouths and teeth is extremely important because we use our mouths and teeth on a daily basis to taste and eat.

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Without our mouths it would be very hard to operate on a daily basis because we talk, chew, sing, kiss, and more. Not only is it your responsibility to yourself to make sure you are keeping your mouth in good health, but a dentist will help in keeping your mouth healthy.

A dentist is someone who monitors and tracks the health of your mouth and any mouth-related diseases. They help relieve pain from a toothache to filling cavities and overall help people with their smiles and confidence. You should make it a habit to visit the dentist every six months to keep your mouth in the best health and monitor any possible diseases should they arise.

Watching this video will give you a better idea and perspective on dentistry and what a dentist is so your or your children’s first or next visit will be breezy!


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