Create The Best Gifts With Digitized Photos


Professional photo scanning

If you’re planning to use your family photos for personalized gifts, you may want to consider taking your physical photos to a picture digitizing service company. Digitized photo service businesses provide customers with professional photo scanning, and can also help with old photo restoration. These services will provide you with a digital photo album of your new photos, allowing access to photographic slides. Digitized photo services are a great way to get all of your family photos into one place, so you can start using them for all of your gifts this holiday season.

Make a Calendar

Want a nice gift you can give to everyone in the family, without having to break your bank? Consider putting together a calendar featuring pictures from family get together. Or create entirely new photos with a family photo shoot, and encourage everyone to bring different outfits or props for each month’s photo.

Rubix Cubes

If you’re looking for a gift for the kids, or that quirky uncle, a personalized Rubix cube might be the perfect solution. Each side of these cubes can feature a different, personalized photo. Or, have your family members race to see who can unscramble your family photos during the next family vacation. Personalized Rubix cubes can also be a great conversation starter when placed on your desk at the office.

Wine Bottles

Personalized wine bottles can be a great parting gift for your guests during a wedding, and make a great anniversary present for an older couple. For a fun, quirky gift, create your own ‘label’ for the bottle using your personal photos to give out during the next family reunion.

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