Church Steeple Repair and the Health of Your Church


Picture of a church steeple

Church is an oasis for you ever week. After a hard week, it is nice to have one hour away from the world in the House of God. Fortunately, you go to a church with beautiful steeples that greet the congregation. If you want to keep your church beautiful, check out a Church steeple repair company.

Gallup classifies 40% of Americans nationwide as very religious — based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. Very religious Americans of all major faiths have higher overall wellbeing than do their respective counterparts who are moderately religious or nonreligious. As of 2011, eight of the ten most religious states in the U.S. are located in the South. Church steeple history in the United States is diverse, touching a number of religions.

Churches were not commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant Reformation. The rise of the sermon as a central act of Christian worship, especially in Protestantism, made the pew a standard item of church furniture. In churches with a tradition of public kneeling prayer, pews are often equipped with kneelers in front of the seating bench. Churches are unique for a number of reasons, including the steeple. The steeple can be utilized by a number of religions, but make sure to know a quality maintenance program.

A steeple is located in an awkward place and is not easily accessible to church members, it is usually difficult to find someone in the community willing to climb onto the church roof with ladders; it is a hazardous job. A visit to your church by a skilled technicians will inspect your steeple for leakage, secure anchor bolts that may have loosened due to weather conditions, and re-caulk and seal any visible cracks. They can wash and wax the exterior of your steeple to maintain its “new look”. With such consecutive annual inspections, you can extend the life of your steeple, giving your church many more years of service.

Church steeple repair can provide a beautiful look to a classic piece of architecture. Whether it is a simple restoration or a redesign, the best companies will be able offer you peace of mind. Check out church steeple repair and keep your church looking beautiful. Continue reading here.

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