Bathroom DIY To Better Meet Your Daily Needs


Quartz vanities

Do you hate the layout and efficiency of your current bathroom? The bathroom is actually an important part of your day. You prepare for the day in the bathroom. You take much needed breaks throughout the day, in the bathroom. You even might unwind after a long and stressful day in the bathtub. The bathroom is a place of relaxation and calm for many. Yet, a large percentage of homeowners are actually unsatisfied with the condition of their bathroom. Decrease your stress and anxiety and increase your relaxation with these comfort producing bathroom renovations.

Easy layout
An easy layout gives you the ability to quickly get ready in the morning. It also allows you to keep the bathroom clean and tidy, as everything has its own place. If you have the ability to completely remodel your bathroom, consider changing the layout to one that works best for your bathroom needs. Do you wish that the outlets were closer to the granite vanity? Have them moved! Do you wish that there was more storage for your beauty products? Install more quality countertops or storage cabinets. Consider your bathroom needs and design a bathroom around those specific needs.

Sufficient storage capabilities
Perhaps one of the biggest complaints when it comes to bathrooms is their lack of storage. While the nicest granite vanity can drastically improve the overall look of the bathroom, it is not efficient if it does not have storage capabilities. Choose a granite vanity that has plenty of storage space for all of your bathroom needs. Additionally, build longer solid surface countertops with added storage space underneath them. Standard size slabs of quartz are usually 60 by 120 inches, but they can be designed longer, if you have the extra space.

Heat and water resistant
You should not have to worry about damaging your quartz countertops with excessive water or heat. Your bathroom countertops will get very wet at times. They will also be exposed to excessive heats in the form of candles, blow dryers, and other hair tools. There are many different types of vanities that can go in the bathroom, however, it is important that you choose one that can withstand high amounts of water and heat.

Multiple water sources
Another common complaint among homeowners who are unsatisfied with their bathrooms is lack of sink usage. If you share a bathroom with other household members, it is likely that you are constantly fighting over sink usage time. If you find that you do not get enough sink time, consider having a larger granite vanity installed with additional water sources. Many bathrooms can easily be adapted for an additional sink. In many cases, trading out the loss of counter space for an additional sink is well worth it.

Consider cost
An entire bathroom remodel can be expensive. However, you can find ways to cut down on costs. Consider a DIY project for some aspects of the bathroom remodel, including painting, tile lying, and demolition. Although the countertops should always be professionally installed, you can opt for a more cost efficient material of countertop. Laminate countertops tend to be cheaper than other materials like granite or quartz, but can result in a beautiful and strong countertop surface. In fact when properly maintained, a laminate countertop can last 10 to 20 years. Laminate countertops are usually extremely sturdy and able to handle high temperatures and high wear and tear. They are usually made out of at least four materials, including resin, wear layer, decorative layer and kraft paper. These multiple layers contribute to the strength of the laminate countertops.

Your bathroom should make your day easier. It should prepare you for a stress free morning. It should also provide you with relaxation after a long day. If your bathroom is more frustrating than relaxing, considering a remodel. Change the layout of the bathroom to better fit your needs. Install additional storage space and replace the bathroom countertops with something more durable and heat resistant. If sink usage is a problem in your home, consider giving up some countertop space for an additional bathroom sink.

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