Anti Aging Treatments for Women


The medical field of women’s health concerns itself with health issues that adult women may face in their lifetimes. An example of womens health is the concept of hormone therapy, which is a form of anti aging treatments. An anti aging clinic may offer these hormone replacement therapy services for women in their 50s or so, and this can make a difference in a woman’s post menopausal years. Such anti aging treatments prove popular today, and menopause solutions like these can be found online. What is there to know about menopause, and what about other areas of women’s health, such as infertility issues? Specialized clinics exist for those issues, too.

A Womans Body and Menopause

Menopause is something that nearly all women will experience, though there may be some misconceptions about it. For one, take note that “menopause” really only describes a 24 hour change in a woman’s hormones. The four or so years before that are the perimenopausal phase, and the rest of her life after menopause is the post menopausal phase. Statistics show that the mean age for menopause is 51, and in rare cases, a woman may experience it as late has her early 60s or as young as her 30s. Overall, however, a woman may expect menopause to occur somewhere between ages 4o to 58. As mentioned earlier, perimenopause is the short phase before menopause itself, when a woman’s hormone start to change rapidly. As a result, her menstrual cycle will become erratic, and her fertility will rapidly drop. Later, she will experience menopause itself, and around this time, she may experience hot flashes, mood changes, complete infertility, sleep issues, and other side effects.

In general, women do not like any aspect of menopause and its consequences, so this is when anti aging treatments may be sought out. A woman in her late 40s or early 50s or so may consult her gynecologist and doctor, and inquire about anti aging treatments. Her doctors will know whether this is a safe and effective option, and if it is, the woman may then undergo anti aging treatments at specialized clinic. This involves injections of estrogen and other hormones, and these anti aging treatments are geared to minimize or prevent many aspects of menopause. Often, this proves quite safe and effective, and many American women report satisfaction with the results. However, the woman should have her health monitored carefully, since this added estrogen increases her risks of developing breast cancer. Regular screenings, mammography, and other medical work can alert her to any developing issues such as these.


A woman’s fertility will naturally drop as she ages, and end completely around the time she experiences menopause. Women younger than that who still experiences problems getting pregnant or keeping a pregnancy may need to consult infertility clinics to see what the problem is. Studies have tracked common causes of women’s infertility, such as environmental issues or health habits. Serious, ongoing stress can cause infertility, and a woman may suffer fertility issues if she smokes, drinks a lot, or abuses drugs. In other cases, a pregnancy is difficult or impossible because the woman’s ovaries fail to release an oocyte (egg cell), or a fertilized egg may attached itself to the fallopian tube instead of the uterine lining to form a placenta.

So, a woman and her male partner may visit fertility clinics to get checkups, and this may involve checking both partners to root out the problem. One in three cases is due to the woman’s body, one in three is due to her partner’s, and the remaining causes are not so clear. The woman’s partner may be the problem, if he too is abusing substances or suffers serious stress. The woman may find out that her partner has a low sperm count, and he may have experienced trauma or radiation to the testicles at some point.

Solutions vary, from medications to hormone injections all the way to recommended changes in lifestyle to surgery. A woman may choose to have her egg cells fertilized in vitro, then implanted in her. In other cases, a surrogate mother may be used if the mother cannot carry her own child or safely deliver the baby later on.

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