A Guide to Flooring


In this video, you will learn about flooring material. In the construction industry, there are standards. There are laws of physics you cannot break.

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You have to be really careful when you are installing flooring. You have to be really careful. There are a lot of cool things being done, but it could turn into a disaster. The people who do these things might do something silly. If you are taking advice from people who aren’t doing something that is quality and lasting, that is a problem. There should be some standard flooring structures. A poured concrete floor is normally for a basement, or for an underlay. OSB is going to be for a crawl space. You can’t just put any flooring on any surface. You will have some sort of supportive element. There might just be fresh stone and then concrete is poured over top. You are not opening up the flooring to install anything. Do I have control over the moisture that is coming through? You might want to consider a roll of plastic under the floor for moisture control. Any house made after 1990, they will use a barrier of plastic to make sure that there is no water leaking.

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