4 Ways to Check if Your Roof Needs Work


Residential roofing projects can be expensive, so it’s understandable that many people hesitate before calling roofing repair contractors. Here are four checks you can perform to see if your roof might need repair:

residential roofingShingle Check: The slopes that are exposed to sunlight are most vulnerable to wearing down. If you see shingles losing granules or curling, the roof is either defective or the shingles are past their life expectancy. In the first case, reputable roofing contractors may give you a refund. In the second, you need to get new shingles. Shingles falling off can be another sign that your roof is failing, and can be an especially major problem for the valleys of your roof. If you find granules in your gutters, it’s also a likely sign that your roof is getting old.

Attic Check: If daylight is coming through your roof boards or you find moisture in your insulation, your roof is probably failing. Sagging is also a sign of trouble, and dark spots and trails or water damage could mean your roof is leaking. Homeowners should do regular attic checks in the spring and fall to make sure everything’s in order.

Age Check: When was the last time your roof was worked on? Most experts believe roofs last between 20 and 25 years, though this can be affected by ventilation quality and layers of shingles. If you have a newer roof installed over a roof nearing the end of its life span, you probably need to contact a residential roofing contractor for a completely new roof. An old roof under a newer one can cut its lifespan by 20%.

Roof Check: Aside from the shingles, you want to make sure your roof doesn’t also have an excess of moss. The roots of heavy moss growth expand under shingles and pry them apart, making them more vulnerable to damage. Dark spots may mean your shingles are losing granules, which means the asphalt underneath will weather quickly and become brittle.

If you perform these checks and decide your roof needs work, contact a residential roofing contractor in your area.

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