3 Things to Consider in Philips Remote Control Replacement


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If you live in America chances are you own a Television. According to estimates from Nielsen, 160 million homes are home to TV’s in the U.S. If you own a remote chances are you’ve either lost or broken it (or both) many times. Before the 1970’s problems like finding a Philips remote control replacement were virtually nonexistent. Less than 5% of televisions came with TV remote controls let alone replacement remotes. Today there are hundreds of different brands and numerous options for remotes. Before you run off and buy one of the expensive all in one remote controls offered for your Philips remote control replacement try these steps.

    1.) Zombie Remote: Bring it back to life. That’s right, a third of all remotes considered “dead” can be resurrected following a basic 5 step procedure. Check online for instructions and you could save yourself time and money on a replacement.

    2.) Find It: Original? No. But much more economical than buying a new one. The “Global Remote Control Trends Study” done by Logitech found that half of all lost remotes get stuck between couch cushions. If it’s not there check outside, in the fridge/freezer, the dogs bed and any kids rooms. Even if you don’t find the remote you’re bound to find something long forgotten.

    3.) Original Replacement: If all else fails and you still cant find or fix it, it might be time to go for the original Philips remote control replacement. There are sites online that sell virtually every remote in production (and many that no longer are) and can send you the exact remote you lost. No need for expensive universal ones that you will never use for more than you know, the TV.

Not having a TV remote can be a frustrating experience. It is best to avoid this problem altogether with responsible use and return of such devices alas that is always easier said than done. If you do lose or break a remote try these steps before throwing in the towel on your television watching days.

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