3 Big Benefits of Wooden Furniture


Outdoor furniture

Picking out furniture for your home can be a fun yet stressful task. You have to take into account pricing, durability, the feel you want your home to have, the look of different types of furniture, etc. It can be difficult to settle on one type. However, furniture made from wood has numerous benefits that will make you proud to own it. Read on for the top three reasons to invest in this type of furniture.


Most consumers (95.1%) say they “expect furniture to last for many years.” In addition, 92.4% say they are planning to keep their wooden furniture for no less than 15 years. Wood is resilient, strong material, and can stand the test of time. It makes a great investment for your home. Durability often ranks highest when consumers are asked what they look for when purchasing a product.


Did you know that Amish furniture is generally made from one of five wood types? They choose oak, maple, cherry, hickory, or walnut. The great thing about wooden furniture is that it gives your home a polished, yet rustic charm. Even something as simple as a statement coffee table or bowback chair made of a nice color wood can provide a great addition to a home.

Easy Upkeep

Lastly, wood is easy to keep clean. All it takes to keep it clean is wiping it down every once in a while. In addition, if you plan to purchase furniture for an outdoor patio, this type of furniture is weather resistant and eco-friendly. This makes it a much more worthy investment than plastic furniture.

What are your thoughts? Is wooden furniture worth the investment? Will you be buying it anytime soon? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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