Wireless Technology Set to Revolutionize Remote Controls


Television remote control codes

The best part about watching television is not having to get up to change the channel. Digital TV remote control is now standard, but in 1950 the remote control was a revolutionary device. Nicknamed the “Lazy Bone,” the first television remote controls debuted in 1950 and were actually connected to the television via a cable.

Flash forward to 2015 and bluetooth TV remote control is enabling customers to operate air conditioning, home security, vehicles, and more with a wireless, sometimes touch-screen remote unit.

Experts say that Americans spend about six to 10 minutes per week searching for lost remotes, which tend to wind up in the couch about half the time. Every once in a while, one has to wander a little farther afield to find the TV remote controls: they can end up outside, in the kitchen, or even the childrens’ rooms.

Most American homes have more than two televisions: living room, kitchen, each bedroom and sometimes a set out in the backyard to watch sports. Some people are investing in vintage televisions that they find at thrift stores or online. Often, after they fix it up, they look for a TV remote replacement to match the original set, not wanting to mix modern technology with antique style and design.

Whether the design aesthetic is classic or futuristic, bluetooth TV remote control technology is set to revolutionize Americans’ home relaxation experiences. Imagine having a wireless remote control that could find itself when it gets lost: that technology is finally here, giving Americans six to 10 more minutes a week to spend on entertainment.

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