Why You need to Rent an Executive Apartment on Your Next Business Trip


When a business trip extends beyond three or five days, it can be difficult to keep coming back to the standard hotel room instead of something more permanent. It is an expensive option for both you and your company to spend a week or more in a hotel room or other alternative rooms. That’s when renting an executive apartment is the best option for both parties.

An executive apartment, otherwise known as corporate housing, is a fully furnished and serviced housing option available for rent. While most executive apartments offer up to two to three months leases, there are many that will offer two-week minimum stays. They are often located in similar apartment or housing structures and are often near or in a city’s downtown area to be close to the large corporate offices.

Someone who would be a good fit for these apartments would be managers who have been sent to another branch to train a team for a few weeks, traveling nurses or doctors, interns, or a film crew. It is easier and much less expensive than trying to find an apartment for rent that has a month to month contract lease or staying in a hotel for two or three months.

Executive apartments have the permanence of a luxury apartment and the service of a hotel room. You will have a better sense of privacy and safety that you might not feel in a hotel with multiple people coming in and out of rooms every day. You don’t have to order room service or go out to eat every night because there is a standard sized fridge in every executive apartment and you’ll be able to keep the room exactly the way you like it. You can also enjoy all of the amenities hotels offer that some apartments don’t like swimming pools, a 24-hour fitness center, and basketball courts.

Choosing to stay in an executive apartment during your time away from home will not only save you and your company money but also give you a sense of home to return to every night during your stay.

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