Why You Can’t Get Comfortable While Sleeping on a Flat Bed


Memory foam adjustable beds

If you’ve been sleeping on a regular flat bed your entire life, you probably haven’t realized that the aches and pains you feel in the morning — and all of the times when you can’t even fall asleep at night — are because of your bed. Many people have begun to find that their normal beds and pillows simply aren’t cutting it, and they’ve already switched over to adjustable beds.

So what exactly is it about flat beds that causes such a problem with sleep quality?

The human body is naturally curved; the spine itself is in the shape of an “s” when you lie down, which means that your body isn’t entirely supported by a flat surface. When your body isn’t supported, your muscles have to work to hold up your head, back, and legs; this causes tension (and in many cases, extreme pain) when the muscles are forced to remain in this state for hours at a time. If you’ve found that you wake up during the night for no apparent reason, or you wake up in the morning with a lot of back pain and neck pain, or even if you can’t find a comfortable sleep position to fall asleep, it’s all because your body isn’t really comfortable! Your body changes position while you sleep, trying to find a better position so that the muscles don’t experience spasms from too much stress, but this can result in sleepless tossing and turning if you wake up.

Adjustable mattresses and beds, for this reason, are becoming much more common. They provide customized support for the contours of your body, enhancing your overall sleep quality by allowing you to fall asleep quickly and maintain comfort while sleeping. You’re less likely to wake up in the middle of the night, and you’re also less likely to wake up in the morning feeling achy and sore.

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