Why Go To Urgent Care? A Health Question Being Asked By More And More Budgeting Americans


Why go to urgent care? To save money while still receiving the same standard of care anywhere else.

You have enough to worry about without adding a massive bill to the mix. Unfortunately, it can be hard to think straight when you’re in pain. What makes the benefits of urgent care work are how they work in conjunction with your busy life. Their numerous locations means you can find them just about everywhere (with several often in the same city). Even better, they provide short wait times to make sure you get in and out of the door as quickly as possible.

A 24 hour walk in clinic location is just around the corner. Learn more about how board-certified urgent care doctors can supplement your insurance — or lack thereof — in 2019.

American healthcare today is fragmented at the best of times. There are hundreds of health insurance plans at any one point in time, providing benefits in some areas and no coverage in others. It’s stressful visiting the hospital, even for a minor injury or illness. More time is often spent doing paperwork than actually being seen by the doctor. Urgent care is the logical result of a population that needs more flexibility and more affordability.

While the urgent care market is highly fragmented — thanks to recent data from HealthCare Appraisers — it’s also becoming the preferred method of healthcare. More Americans than ever are asking, “Why go to urgent care?” when they’re under the weather. More than one-quarter of American patients reported back in 2016 they had visited a clinic in their area within the past two years. The 2015 fiscal year saw these 24 hour urgent care locations seeing an average of 30 visits per day. When you need help, board-certified doctors are ready to help.

Parsing the difference between the emergency room and the urgent care center could save you thousands. According to a recent study, as many as 65% of all emergency room episodes could have been treated at urgent care locations. If you have any doubt about a threat to your life, call 911 right away. Anything less severe, however, should have you looking into 24 hour emergency care. They will provide you the same level of care for a third of the cost.

Why go to urgent care? Because you deserve to have the best of both worlds. Just 3% of patients who come to an urgent care center actually need to be diverted to an emergency department — the most common illnesses brought to clinics include acute bronchitis, acute pharyngitis, and cough. Four out of five urgent care locations provide fracture care and you can even request preventative care, such as vaccines. No matter what, you’ll have options with just a single visit.

A convenient quality and cost is the urgent care promise. Take a minute today to browse the local urgent care clinics in your area and write down their schedule. While some are open until the evening, others may close in the afternoon. Some also have emergency rooms under the same roof, which can be useful if you want to potentially save yourself a trip. Advanced diagnostic laboratory services, short wait times, and low costs are just a few of the benefits that await you.

Why go to urgent care? Because you deserve better than high bills and more stress.

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