Why Brides Need Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


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Probably because it is such an enduring practice, there are a number of traditions that are associated with weddings. Weddings themselves are an old but lasting tradition, but many aspects of the ceremony and celebration are rooted in symbolic and traditional practices. Here are a few of the most popular wedding traditions explained.
We’ve all heard the expression which catalogs the four essential things a bride needs to have on her wedding day: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The old item symbolizes continuity with the past. This may be a piece of jewelry from the bride’s mother or grandmother like a necklace or hairpin. The new item looks toward the present and future, and this might be the dress since every bride wants their wedding dress to be special, unique, and suit their personality. The borrowed item should come from someone whose is already married, and the tradition assumes that that fortune will rub off on the new couple. Lastly, the something blue should be, well, blue. This symbolizes love, purity, and fidelity. Now that we know the reasoning behind some of the important wedding customs, it is also worth noting one of the most important parts of a wedding — the location.
There are a variety of beautiful wedding places to have a wedding reception, but just like any other aspect of your wedding you should find one that represents you as a couple. Outdoor wedding places offer versatility of space and built in decor. Romantic wedding places might suit you better if the focus of your wedding is more traditional, and unique wedding places might be right for you if you are not very traditional. Destination wedding are very popular — about a quarter of couples choose this option — and you might find one of the most beautiful wedding places to travel to. The options are numerous, but you should carefully consider which of these is one of the perfect beautiful wedding places for you.
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