When Was the Last Time You Wore Fleece Pajamas to Bed?


Pajama onesies

The fun and frenzy of an overnight slumber party should not be limited to young children. It is not that these traditions are wasted on the youth, it is just that they should not exclude older generations of college students and large family groups.
Remember those childhood weekends when all of the cousins would stay together at Grandma’s House? Your parents, as well as aunts and uncles, had plans for the evening and Grandma offered to keep the whole group at her house for the weekend. And while the boy cousins were excited about sleeping in the tent in the backyard, the girls cousins loved the chaos of all trying to crawl into bed with Grandma. The giggling would reach a level that anyone else would have never tolerated, but Grandma was usually laughed louder than anyone else. By morning, of course, the boys had drug their sleeping bags inside, Grandma was sleeping in the spare bedroom with the youngest girl cousin who kept getting shoved off the bed, and the rest of the girls were a literal jumble of arms and legs in Grandma’s big bed.
In many cases, those cousin get togethers included matching one piece pajamas. The family photo albums have the proof.
Could a Virtual Family Pajama Party Help Your Relatives Stay in Touch?
These days, the cousin get togethers are few and far between, but the tradition of matching footed pajamas continues. The onesie pajamas for adults are delivered to the homes of family members across the country on your Grandma’s birthdate. She is no longer living, but the onesie pajamas for adults, teens, children, and even infants are a tradition that continues. Ordering the pajamas and paying for them is a task that rotates between families and a few have opted out. For the most part, however, it is a tradition everyone in the family enjoys.
The texts, emails, and social media posts on the day the pajamas arrive are a blast and it is a fun way to stay in touch even when you cannot get together.
From newborn babies who sleep an average of 14 to 17 hours a day to adults who can sometimes count the number of hours they sleep on a single hand, matching pajamas for the holidays or other special occasions can be a fun gift. And while as many as 74% of Americans indicate that they wear pajamas to bed, another 8% say they go to bed in the buff and the remaining indicate that they wear clothing that is not officially pajamas. For the majority of these sleepers, however, it is difficult to turn down a comfy, warm pair of footed pajamas. As you crawl into bed tonight for what is hopefully a nice eight hour rest, wouldn’t you like a new pair of PJs? You have plenty of time to get your onesie pajamas for adults ordered before the nights start getting cold again.

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