What’s Changed In The Modern Home Buying Process?


Chattanooga realty

It’s a smart habit to reach out to people who know a little more than you do. We call upon tutors to sharpen our knowledge on a college course and contact professional designers when a website just isn’t standing out. Buying houses is no different. Even experienced buyers can find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to finding the best deal or the most secure neighborhood for their family. A realtor will have all the answers on buying, selling and saving money as you move from one place to the next. It’ll make a rather lengthy process all the smoother and have you in a new place to live faster than you can say, “That wasn’t so hard!”.

Are you a first-time buyer? Then contacting a realtor will save you a lot of heartache. It’s estimated 30% of people searching for a new place to call their own are doing so for the first time. This has seen a direct correlation between the vast majority of buyers purchasing their home through a real estate agent. The year 2014 saw 88% of first-time and repeat home buyers preferring a broker by their side as they go through the process of browsing and applying wherever their heart takes them.

Did you know half of all buyers will search for homes that have never been lived in? According to Zillow a major source of appeal for homebuyers as of late is staking their claim somewhere brand new, giving them all the benefits of a place to live without having to pick up after previous owners — around 35% of recent buyers said they wanted to avoid renovations and problems with their plumbing. An additional Zillow study saw 80% of buyers actively seeking out a single-family home. Whichever one you’re searching for, a realtor can make sure your house for sale is one that suits your lifestyle, budget and personal living preferences.

What about repeat buyers? You may already be very familiar with the steps involved with buying a home. That doesn’t mean you should immediately skip the expertise of a realtor. The home buying landscape has seen some major changes over the past few years, with many repeat buyers having a big chunk of time in-between their home buying purchases. A recent survey of home buyers saw over 50% admitting that finding the right property is the most difficult part of the process. When you add new mortgage rates and different search methods to the mix, buying a home now can be very different, indeed!

Perhaps the most significant change in real estate is the browsing process. Not everyone has time to drop everything and spend hours, even days, looking at potential homes in-person. Online browsing has streamlined this process while still offering the information needed to get everyone on the same page, buyer and seller alike. Over 40% of home buyers will search online for properties nowadays, meaning one of the first steps you should take toward finding your dream home is having a browsing extravaganza. Look at photos, read summaries and save yourself gas money all in one fell swoop.

There are other ways of learning about the home you’re going to buy. You can apply for an open tour, call up the owner to ask questions or just ask your realtor to guide you through their most recommended options. Even now Chattanooga open houses are seeing a surge in applicants for the area’s quaint charm and thriving local culture. Chattanooga realty can be a great place to start for both new families and recent retirees alike, though that doesn’t mean you should narrow down your options. With the housing market teeming with possibilities, the house of your dreams is only limited to your passion.

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