What Is The Hottest New Gardening Trend?


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What is one of the fastest growing gardening trends? Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of their health, nutrition, and what exactly they are eating and drinking. For that reason, edible, convenient, and inexpensive gardens and landscapes are quickly becoming mainstream. What do you need to know about planting a garden, saving money, and growing your own fruits and vegetables?

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Space

Local garden centers are quickly picking up on Americans’ desire to grow their own produce, and they’re making it easier, too. Thanks to smaller varieties of popular fruits and vegetables — called dwarf plants — renters and homeowners are able to grow plants in relatively limited space, or in areas without favorable soil conditions. “‘Blueberry Glaze’ is a new blueberry that is compact, boxwood-like, and can be sheared into a hedge. It grows two to three feet high and is covered in midsummer with intensely flavored, deep blue berries,” The Seattle Times writes. Tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, and more are also available in dwarf plant varieties. Residents can easily use garden planters and other relatively compact spaces to grow these smaller plants.

Meals and Smoothies With Raw or Fresh Ingredients Are Better For You

Americans are slowly realizing that what you put into foods matters. Preparing your own meals will help you gauge proportions and take accountability for what exactly you are eating. (Hint: Fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and proteins are better for you than proceeded foods!) Smoothies and all-natural cleanses are also wildly popular, and using fresh fruits and veggies from your garden will save you a considerable amount of money.

It Is Possible to Keep Costs Low And Never Mow Your Law Again!

Sustainable trees and shrubs can save you even more money. “Several folks are turning over their grass patches for drought-tolerant flowers in an attempt to minimize water and eliminate fertilizing,” Better Homes and Gardens explains. “Oh! — and, of course, to create a gorgeous, neighbor-envying garden, too!”

Save money on fruits and vegetables by growing your own, and save even more money by planting trees and shrubs that will save you the trouble of mowing your lawn. Read more about this topic at this link. Find out more here.

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